Real Estate April 12, 2011

Are you kidding? Real estate sales are up?

Are you kidding?  Real estate sales are up and inventory levels are down?  That’s not what the national news says!

The following numbers kid you not. Here’s a quick look at the Santa Barbara area real estate market over the past several years:

Year 2007:  1,375 properties sold.

Year 2008:  1,142 properties sold.

Year 2009:  1,233 properties sold.

Year 2010:  1,328 properties sold.

The number of sales are continuing to climb in 2011. Year-to-date figures already indicate a 7% increase from 2010 to 2011 in number of properties under contract. Another important figure to watch is inventory level, which is currently down 4% over the same time period last year. With sales up and inventory down the market is starting to see more multiple offer situations on the most desired properties.

To do well in the ever changing and competitive real estate market that Santa Barbara is known for it’s more important than ever to have the best local expertise and representation. I appreciate your inquiries and the opportunity to guide you through the process.