Real Estate September 25, 2012

The trend in Santa Barbara continues

Low inventory and rising list prices are becoming the trend in most housing markets across the United States.  A headlining Inman News article last week mentioned that 8 of the top 10 markets with biggest declines of housing inventory are in California.  9 of those top 10 markets have seen more than a 40% decrease year-over-year.  There’s no doubt that the demand for “good” inventory is high as multiple offers for the best homes has become a regular occurrence.  In Santa Barbara there’s been a 27% decrease in inventory year-over-year and an extraordinary increase in multiple offers for the most sought after parcels.

The referred to article also mentions that 5 of the top 10 markets for increase in list prices are in California, headed by Santa Barbara County at 38.96%.  The median sale price in Santa Barbara was also up at 15% year-over-year in August, as well as 15% so far in September.  Median sale prices in Santa Barbara had stayed surprisingly flat for the first half of this year.

To read the full Inman News article click here.

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