Real Estate October 9, 2012

Number of homes available

With housing inventory hitting new all time lows in South Santa Barbara County you may be wondering just how many homes you have to choose from.  Following are some popular categories that many buyers are searching and the number of properties currently available.

Houses under $5M on the Beach – 2

Houses under $2M on the Riviera – 4

Houses under $2M in the Upper East – 2

Houses under $2M in Hope Ranch – 4

Houses under $1M in San Roque – 5

Houses under $1M on the Mesa – 4

Houses under $1M with ocean views – 9

Houses under $1M near the beach – 2

Houses under $500k – 6

Condos under $1M with ocean views – 9

Condos under $1M near the beach – 8

Condos under $400K – 5

Inventory in many different categories is now at one month or less.  In this type of market it can be difficult for a buyer to locate and obtain a great home.  It can be equally difficult for a seller to price their home with limited recent sales to compare to.  Under these most challenging market conditions I appreciate the opportunity to assist and always look forward to your inquiries.