Real Estate January 15, 2013

Areas to consider in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara and surrounding communities are well known for their incredible weather, great beaches, spectacular scenery and friendly residents. Within Santa Barbara’s populace are many beautiful areas to consider when purchasing a home, each with their own unique attributes. When deciding where to purchase there are many factors to take into account, including price. For a general idea of real estate cost differences in and around Santa Barbara the following figures provide a good guide. Listed for each area is the average cost per square foot of a single family home, calculated over the past year, along with the average cost of a 2,000 square foot home.

Santa Ynez Valley – $298/sq.ft. – $596,000
Goleta North – $391/sq.ft. – $782,000
Goleta South – $388/sq.ft. – $776,000
Hope Ranch – $771/sq.ft. – $1,542,000
Santa Barbara East – $513/sq.ft. – $1,026,000
Santa Barbara West – $429/sq.ft. – $858,000
Montecito – $780/sq.ft. – $1,560,000
Carpinteria/Summerland – $462/sq.ft. – $924,000

For more specific details on current home sales and available properties in any of Santa Barbara’s wonderful communities I appreciate your inquiries.