Real Estate May 27, 2014

Which homes are selling fast

If you’ve decided to make a move to or from the Santa Barbara area it may be advantageous to have your running shoes on. The real estate market certainly can move fast for high demand properties. Of the 205 homes and condos currently in escrow, 58 went under contract in 10 days or less. 37 of these fast selling properties were priced under $1 million, 17 between $1 million and $2 million, and 4 over $2 million. Click here for more details.

You don’t just have to be in Santa Barbara for well-priced properties to sell very quickly, especially those which are in particularly great locations. Photos can’t always tell you everything about an area which is where local knowledge is valuable. For details on any location you are considering I appreciate the opportunity to share my 26 years of experience traveling just about every neighborhood in Santa Barbara and its surrounding areas. Thanks to all of you for your inquiries, and to your successful property endeavors in Paradise.