Real Estate July 22, 2014

Homes of all sizes

The 2013 film “Tiny” that documents a couple’s attempt to build a Tiny House on a very small budget and with no building experience is receiving a lot of recognition in the movie industry. Vendors such as the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company offer such homes for sale, and dozens of websites and blogs with designs, plans and discussion of tiny houses are appearing all over the Internet.

Over the past 10 years in the Santa Barbara area there have been 7 homes sold that measure less than 600 sq.ft. by the county tax assessor. The smallest being a 440 sq.ft. house that was built in 1915. Selling prices of these compact dwellings have ranged from $350K to $850K. Right now the smallest home on the market is 664 sq.ft. listed at $742K. This is a bit more expensive the tiny house prices you’ll find on the Internet, in which a piece of Santa Barbara land is not included.

In areas where land values are at a premium it may be hard to justify the tiny house concept. More commonly you will find modest homes ranging in size from 750 to 1,200 sq.ft. With well-incorporated outdoor spaces these dimensions can feel quite large. Year-round mild weather gives Santa Barbara residents great opportunities to maximize the use of all their property, indoors and out.

Whether your preference is small or large there are many homes on the market that may fit your needs. I appreciate the opportunity in helping you find the best property and look forward to your inquiries.