Real Estate January 6, 2015

Hot housing trends this year

With most experts predicting a good rise in home values this year we should see more homeowners with extra equity willing and able to make much needed improvements and other enhancements to their properties. Deciding on materials and styles for upgrades can be a difficult task with all of the different choices available. Whether you hire a designer or trust your own personal tastes there’s a lot of media out there that can help you get a feel for what’s considered hot and what’s not. A great trend in current interior design is the intermixing of different styles to come out with something entirely fresh and new. This leaves the door open to a lot of creativity and takes away the stress of trying to make everything match.

Not to long ago many of us were paging through magazines like Architectural Digest to get our design ideas. Now there’s a whole world of digital media at your fingertips. No more going through dusty bookshelves while paging through hundreds of magazines and books! You can also now pinpoint exactly the type of ideas you’re looking for and bookmark them on your media device for easy access wherever you go. A couple of excellent and growing sources for checking out the most popular home design trends today are Pinterest and Houzz. Complimenting popular apps like these are many excellent articles and digital media sites which can quickly be brought up online. recently put out a nice article on hot housing trends which you can view here.

Santa Barbara’s beautiful natural environment has inspired gorgeous interior and exterior home design for years. There are many homes for sale to visit which you can experience great design up close and personal. If starting your own project there are also many wonderful professionals to consult with in the area. I’m happy to direct you to any of the incredible resources that Santa Barbara has to offer, and look forward to presenting you with the area’s best property opportunities throughout the year.