Real Estate February 3, 2015

Feels like spring in Santa Barbara

While Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow yesterday, predicting six more weeks of winter for the east coast, Santa Barbara is certainly living up to its reputation as providing some of the best weather in the world. With recent 70 to 78 degree temperatures and sunny skies and similar predictions for the next couple of weeks it certainly feels like spring has already arrived in paradise. Yesterday the fragrance of flowers and abundance of citrus fruit already on trees let there be no mistake.

Signs of spring in the air have helped give Santa Barbara’s real estate market an early start this year as well. Plenty of buyers and sellers are out and about making decisions on what their next purchase or sale may be. Buyers now are dealing with a very low supply of available homes and continued strict qualifying standards for loans which is still prompting a large percentage of all-cash purchases though interest rates are incredibly low. Sellers also have much to consider including choosing the best pre-sale preparations for their homes and deciphering home values from a limited number of recent supporting sales.

It’s a popular topic of discussion regarding how much more complex and time consuming real estate transactions are today than they used to be. That may be true but you can simplify the process, save time and get better results by working early on with a trusted and experienced real estate agent. Realtors are not paid by the hour, they are compensated per a listing agreement with the seller when escrow closes. There is no reason not to take full advantage of their expertise and services early on when planning to make a move. I’m happy to assist at any point during the process, giving you more time to enjoy what you love to do best in paradise! I appreciate your inquiries and the opportunity to help simplify and make successful your next home sale or purchase.