Real Estate February 17, 2015

Most unique homes in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara has a great history of architecture which has been documented with many photographs and fine readings. The Architectural Foundation of Santa Barbara offers Saturday and Sunday tours all year long highlighting some of the city’s most popular and significant buildings. Architectural firms such as Harrison Design Associates have also held workshops for those who like to study design features and styles that have shaped Santa Barbara into the city it is today.

Influences from all over the world have descended upon Santa Barbara throughout its history. Although the city is most noted for its Spanish buildings and homes, other styles of architecture have played majorly significant rolls. These include Adobe, Victorian, Italian, Moorish, Gothic, Colonial, Craftsman, Dutch, French, Cape Cod, Cottage, and more recently Mid-Century, Ranch, Contemporary, Ultra-Modern and Green.

A home can take on many characteristics depending on its creator and owner. There are traditional homes which use well know features and scale, and on the other end of the spectrum are highly individualized homes which incorporate different styles and layouts, along with everything in-between. For those looking to experience something a little different there typically many properties on the market to consider. You can view some of the most unique properties currently for sale in the Santa Barbara area by clicking here.

Most unique homes for sale in Santa Barbara

Whether you’re looking for a more traditional property or something completely unique I appreciate the opportunity to assist you with your search. Thanks for all of your inquiries!