Real Estate December 8, 2015

Santa Barbara holiday opportunities

While harsh weather in other parts of the country typically cause slowdowns in real estate activity during the holidays, Santa Barbara’s temperate Mediterranean climate gives buyers the perfect opportunity to enjoy and look at the inventory. Today’s weather is a gorgeous 76 degrees with sunny skies, and many serious home sellers have their houses on the market and ready to show. Currently there are over 300 available homes and over 100 available condominiums to look at in the Santa Barbara market, and over 160 of these available properties have ocean views.

The continued real estate activity in Santa Barbara at this time of year offers with it plenty of good incentive for buyers and sellers. Buyers have the advantage of less competition as many of the more casual lookers set aside their home searching in favor of holiday events. Sellers have the advantage of less competition also as many less motivated sellers either take their homes off the market for the holidays or offer more limited available showing times. Sellers also tend to see more serious buyers showing up at the doorstep during the holidays.

I’m used to hearing a lot of area real estate agents tell their clients that the holidays aren’t such a good time to look at or list a property. Coincidentally these are the same agents who have vacations scheduled and would like to have business waiting for them when they return, or have done what they feel is enough work during the year and want to take a break. I’ve seen and participated in many high producing November and December sale months during my career in Santa Barbara and make it a point to be available to clients during those times. Your inquiries are certainly welcomed and appreciated throughout this and every holiday season, as well as they are at any other time during the year.